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Novels Don’t Have To Be Stories

Have Your Characters Write Their Own Stories

Change is Good (or maybe bad)

SECRETS of the Protagonist…

Characters: Cogs in the Machine?

Your Influence Character is the Heart of your Story

How to Avoid Stereotypes

What’s in a Name?

Be Your Own Critic Without Being Critical

The Four Throughlines in To Kill A Mockingbird

Archetypes vs. Stereotypes

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Your Story’s Ending: Success or Failure?

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Is Story Structure a Myth?

Have You Lost Your Tale (and become one of the “Drudge People?”)

4 Writing Tips for Novelists

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Write Down Your Stories…

Characters and Gender

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How to Avoid Moralizing

Don’t Try To Be Shakespeare – He didn’t!

Are You Writing a Tale or a Story?

Novel Writing Tip – Keep a Daily Log

Be Your Own Critic Without Being Critical

Have Your Characters Write Their Own Life Stories

Writing from the Subconscious

The Master Storyteller Method

Back to Work, Writers!

What Drives Your Main Character?

Writing Stories with “Collective” Goals

Tear Your Story Apart!

Spin a Tale, Weave a Story

The Author’s Journey

Forget Your Protagonist – Who’s Your Main Character?

Is Story Structure Your Enemy?

In Search of Your Writer’s Identity

Finding Your Story’s Core

Get Out Of My Head!

A Brief Introduction to Archetypes – Part 1

A Brief Introduction to Archetypes – Part 2

A Brief Introduction to Archetypes – Part 3

Character Change vs. Character Growth

Plot Points – Static vs. Sequential

Story Structure for Passionate Writers

Jurassic Park: Building A Better Dinosaur

Protagonist and Antagonist – Who ARE These Guys?

Atlas Shrugged – An analysis

Audience Reach

Five Steps to a Believable Character

Dramatica Explained in Plain Language

Writing with Globular Clusters

Should Your Main Character Change or Remain Steadfast?

Stories with Characters who Change

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A Novelist’s Bag of Tricks!

Psychoanalyze Your Story

A Screenwriter’s Bag of Tricks

The 12 Essential Questions Every Writer Should Answer

The False Narrative

Story Structure is Based on Fours, Not Twos

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How StoryWeaver Came To Be

Let Your Plot Make Sense and Your Characters Ring True

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