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From the founder of Storymind

Man Made follows a mysterious force as it sweeps around the globe erasing anything man made - from buildings, vehicles, and technology to medicines, clothing, and dental work.

Governments stagger under the panic, religions are at a loss for an explanation, scientists strive for any means to stop or divert the phenomenon, and the world’s population from families to individuals struggle to prepare for The Event, which will drive humanity back beyond the stone age.

The Event is coming.

Are you prepared?

Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips


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Characters don’t have to change to grow; they can grow in their resolve.

Characters who change alter their outlook or moral view, such as with Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol."

Characters who remain steadfast hold on to their outlook or moral view, such as with Ray Kinsella in "Field of Dreams."

Each kind of character's beliefs are tested, both by obstacles and by other characters who offer alternative ways of responding or of looking at the world.

In your story, consider whether you want your main character to change or to remain steadfast, but keep in mind that either choice may end in either success or failure in the effort to achieve the logistic goal of the story.

Sometimes, change is required to succeed and other times it requires being resolute, just as in real life.

Characters Don’t Have to Change to Grow