Creative Writing Tips

Our most popular creative writing tips, tricks, and techniques for every writer from beginners to master storytellers.

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Our Most Popular Creative Writing Tips

10 Essential Tips for Beginning Writers

Just starting out?  This list of practical tips will help you get your novel written.

Finding Your Creative Time

Maybe the problem isn’t where you are writing, but when…

Have You Lost Your Tale (and become one of the “Drudge People?”)

Drudge people.  You see them every day.  On the news.  In your town.  Outside your window.  Perhaps, even in your own home…

Be a Story Weaver – NOT a Story Mechanic!

No one reads a book because it has a great structure.  So how do you find the right balance between structure and passion? This article will show you the way…

Trouble Finding Inspiration for Your Novel?

Here are some ideas to help you get the ideas flowing…

One Way to Beat Writers Block!

Here’s one way to sneak around writer’s block when it isn’t looking…

Writing from Your Passionate Self

How to supercharge the power of your storytelling by tapping into the seething cauldron of creativity just below the surface of your civilized veneer.

How Art Is Made (The Battle Between Art and Mind)

It is the Eternal Struggle for writers: how to freely express one’s passions within the constraints of story structure.  Here are a few tips for gaining the upper hand…

Maximize Your Creative Process

Rather than looking at what your story needs, turn it around to discover what you need to write that story. When you do, all manner of barriers to your creativity are removed. Read the article for complete details of this technique.

Get Into Your Characters’ Heads

One of the most powerful opportunities of the novel format is the ability to describe what a character is thinking.  Learn how to transport your readers inside a character’s mind.

Do You Write Like an Actor or a Director?

Writer-Actors prefer to stand in the shoes of their characters and play the roles as they write.  Writer-Directors stand outside the story and manipulate their characters to the best effect.  In this article you’ll learn how to use each approach to the best advantage.

In Search of Your Writer’s Identity

It starts with a single compromise to oneself – doing a job you hate in order to achieve something you want or putting your own art on hold to pay the bills. Find out how to rediscover your creative self.

The Author’s Journey

We’ve all heard of the hero’s journey that focuses on what stories need to be complete.  But consider that it is equally important to explore what authors need to complete stories.

Finding Inspiration for Writers

Inspiration can be hard to find. Here are a couple of tips for freeing up frozen creative gears and busting mental log jams.

Write Down Your Stories…

There may be a place waiting for the story you have to tell.

Don’t Try To Be Shakespeare – He didn’t!

You’re only as good as your own talent.  Get over it!

Smothered in an Avalanche of Ideas

What do you do when ideas come so fast they gum up the works, and the engine of your creativity grinds to a halt?

Writing from the Subconscious

If you know how to tap into it,  your subconscious mind can infuse your story with more depth and meaning than you are consciously aware.

Back to Work, Writers!

Yes, writing is work. Although sometimes in the thrill of inspiration the process can be an amusement park of experiences, more often it is frustration, drudgery and stress.  But what to do….

Explore our newest creative writing tips or search the entire library

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