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Dramatica – A New Theory Of Story

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on Narrative Structure

Developed and Written by
Melanie Anne Phillips
& Chris Huntley

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Where Story Structure Comes From

Story Structure is not mysterious. And it isn’t an artificial construct. So what is it, and where does it come from?

A Brief Introduction to Archetypes Part One

An initial description and definition of what archetypes are.

A Brief Introduction to Archetypes Part Three

Revealing the psychological sources and underpinnings of the essential archetypal characters.

How Story Structure Relates to the Real World

Narrative structure originally came from the real world and can be turned back upon it.

Predicting Human Behavior with Narrative

Human behavior cannot be fully understood by observation nor introspection. A model of the mind is required

Fractal Psychology in the Real World

How individuals relate to the group.

The False Narrative

How to recognize, counter, and create false narratives.

Narrative Space in the Real World

Narratives exist in a medium. In the real world, they occupy the human medium.

Narrative in the Real World and the Mobius Doughnut

In society, what goes around comes around.

Narrative Modeling for Real World Problems

How narrative functions as the driver (and opportunity for resolution) of societal dissonance.

Story Structure is Based on Fours, Not Twos

Like DNA, Narrative structure has four bases. Here’s a quick explanation as to why.

Characters and Gender

How the gender of characters affects narrative structure.

The Authorless Narrative

Our minds understand through narrative patterns, even if they occurred naturally or at random.

The Dramatics of Sweet Spots

How phasing and gating create nodal points of narrative opportunity.

Of Showers and Fractal Time

How time intertwines with narrative structure to create a quad-helix.

“Ability” and Story Structure

Ability is one of the four bases of the DNA of the narrative genome.

Storytelling and Cognitive Modeling

Conjectures on practical story design based on the conjunction of crowd-sourced cultural preferences and narrative structure.

The DNA of Story Structure

Narrative structure provides the genetic code for stories and is best visualized as a quad-helix.

Targeting Intelligence Gathering Resources with Narrative

A white paper written while we were working for the NRO using narrative projection for counter-terrorism.

What is Dramatica?

Dramatica is a new theory of narrative structure and also a software product with a patented interactive narrative engine

Explore our newest narrative science posts or search the entire library

All our narrative science articles
are based on the Dramatica Theory of Story Structure
developed by Melanie Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley