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Write Down Your Stories…

Write down your stories.  Each of us has a life experience no other human being will ever have.  If we sift through that to find the nugget moments, we can share unique and wonderful perspectives.

Maybe each contribution to the flow is just a drop in the ocean (like this note itself), but I like to believe that the right insight will find the right person at the right time, like a message in a bottle.

If you discover something of personal value and choose not to share, perhaps that message that was meant for that person at just that point in their lives won’t be there when they get there, leaving a vacuum that nothing else will ever fill.

So don’t hold back. You may never see the result of your contribution but, as an artist, that is neither necessary nor does it diminish the power of your work.

Melanie Anne Phillips
Creator, StoryWeaver
Co-creator, Dramatica