Where to Find All My Stuff!

My YouTube Channel

My Patreon Channel

My FaceBook Page

About these three links….

My YouTube Channel has been around for almost fifteen years and has more than one thousand videos ranging from my work on narrative theory to my original music, home movies dating back to 1956, and all kinds of expeditions and silly little bits.

My Patreon Channel is free to join for a lot things like my AI art and my best photographs, and music, and just $1 per month for everything else. You can learn all about it there.

My Facebook Page is free and also dates back more than a dozen years with an endless flow of original images and videos plus a few personal items thrown in along with some of my work on narrative. I’m not very active there lately, but if you scroll through you’ll find all manner of stuff.

Here’s why I’m providing these links:

I was online before web pages existed. I had one of the first 1000 personal web sites on the internet. And since then, I’ve posted tons of material on my science and my art all over, including a bunch of places that don’t exist any longer.

I haven’t been active on this blog for some time, but lately I’ve been prolific, trying to post the best of everything here so its a one stop shop for all that I have created. (You kind of think of that sort of legacy stuff when you hit 70.)

But that re-posting take a lot of time, so today (a pleasant Saturday) I’m going to do a series of posts to where all my stuff currently resides so anyone here can get it, starting with the links above, and then getting more specific by category.

You’re welcome.