A Love Letter

They say proximity is the largest factor in determining who will fall in love. So, love finds its way between workers and in social circles. In other words, “Love the one you’re with.”

But that’s not how it is with you and me. We are drawn together by an elemental attractor: a merging of the souls. Or, perhaps, an emerging of the souls, as each of our inner selves comes forth from its shell to dance together in a meadow beneath the stars. To cavort…. To crack wise….

And the folks who live in cabins in the forest around the meadow are awakened by the commotion and say, “Do you hear that? Sounds like those otters got into the cooking sherry again.”

On High

Going through some old papers and found this poem I wrote a few years back…

I see a stark angel rising through a storm.
She beats the air, rain glistening on her rippled wings.
Slowly she ascends, resolute against the torrent.
But her halo is melting.

I’m Okay, You’re a Bigot

OK: I can’t do that because of my religion.

NOT OK: You can’t do that because of my religion.

ETHICAL DILEMMA: You must do that, even though your religion says you can’t, because not doing it is discriminatory.

Event Horizon of a Narrative

When things begin to make sense, you are entering a narrative. When everything makes sense you have crossed the event horizon and are fully within the narrative. From that point forward, everything you experience is Confirmation Bias.