Did You Know | Inter-species Fornication

For some unknown reasons I asked my phone how often animals mated with other species. I ended up on a Newsweek page with an extensive article on the topic.

Apparently, it is not that uncommon. Dogs, for example, have been known to mount cats and goats and bulls. So the question put forth in the article was how does that serve evolution, which is the driver of the urge to mate?

The response was rather insightful. Apparently, sexual energy builds up and with it sexual frustration if not released. So, if a horny critter is deprived from mating with its own species, which is always the first choice, then it must seek relief elsewhere.

An example was referenced where male antarctic fur seals were unable to mate with their own kind as much stronger males had collected harems of all the available females. Driven by the need, they resorted to forcibly copulating with king penguins. And, in one particular documented encounter, failing to mate with a particular penguin so frustrated a fur seal that after several abortive attempts the seal tore the penguin to shreds and ate it instead.

And as if that was not enough, another example was provided of not infrequent instances where frogs mount fish to copulate.

Yes, that’s been the subject on my mind this morning, and now it’s on yours too.