The Artist, Perplexed…

Welcome to my studio. This is where I jot down ideas, sketch out new music, and experiment with photographic composition. I’m always working around here somewhere, as you can tell from the steady stream of new additions.

Every once in a while, some project will turn out to be worth pursuing and ends up nice and polished . You’ll find those featured in the three galleries below. Have a look around while you’re waiting for the next new addition. There’s coffee on the stove and pie on the table.

Each of these three galleries is really a rabbit hole, branching off into a maze of tunnels and chambers.  Choose your passion and step through the looking glass from a world of my creation into your own personal wonderland.

Melanie Anne Phillips

My Creative Gallery

This gallery includes my photography,
musical compositions, fiction, poetry, and other artistic expressions.

My Scientific Gallery

This gallery documents my explorations into the nature and functioning of narrative in fiction and the real world.

My Memory Gallery

In this gallery you will find my personal journal, family album, home movies, and stories – mine and handed down.