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A Pig in a Mustache Winks at a Woman in Paris

Just messing around with AI imaging again.  Saw a picture of myself with a fake mustache in a folder next to a picture I’d saved of a pig, went to AI and asked it for a picture of “A pig in a mustache and top hat winks at a woman in Paris in 1890” and these are the choices it gave me….

A Pig in a Mustache Winks at a Woman in Paris in 1890.  Another AI creation from Melanie Anne Phillips

Lilith and Eve

Intended to show the difference between the raw unvarnished organic Lilith, and the idealized restrained Eve.

This started as an overexposed picture of Teresa who was too near the camera flash and got all washed out. I had just gotten a new photomanipulation program (many years ago) and fooled around with it until the images I was creating began to tell a story to me.

And so, we have the greenish, earthy vibrant Lilith, fully expressive of herself, facing off with the softened, pastel, gentrified Eve – the two sides of the female portion of the Creation story.

When you look a little more closely, the swirls on Lilith are reminiscent of Medusa’s snakes, which make sense because Eve comes off as stone cold.