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Just a little riff I thought might be a good royal march for a short transitional scene in a movie. I probably wrote this in the 1990s or 2000s – sounds like about that era. I especially like the nifty chord progression at the very end.

Composing Session on Chris’ Baby Grand

Chris and I co-created the Dramatica theory of story. Whenever I flew down to visit him for business when we we working wit the CIA, NSA, and NRO using Dramatica for anti-terrorism, I’d stay at his place and then do a little extemporaneous composing on his wonderful baby grand. This is a recording from one of those sessions.

Ethereal Island

When I was setting up my studio a few years ago, things were sparse and unfinished, but I was eager to just hear some music in the place, so it just extemporized this little piece just to hear it resound off the walls.

E J Normal and Carnival Test

As mentioned in an earlier post, back around 2010 I began developing a multimedia graphic novel project about an artist seeking his identity (represented by a theme called E J – already posted) and his alter-ego liberated self (represented by a carnival version of the E J theme (also posted earlier). THIS track is a test of how I envision the two versions working together when his normal self and his liberated self merge at the end of the story.

E J Carnival Test

This piece is from the 2010s. It’s from a project of mine to develop a multimedia graphic novel about an artist’s search for identity. Anyone you might know? Anyway, in the story there is a normal theme for the main character E J and then a carnival version from his Muse-driven alter-ego, rather like the Fiddler on the Roof. This piece is a test of that more liberated, fun-loving theme.