What I’m working on today…

Here’s what’s going on today. Working on a new book called “They Live On My Shower Stall Wall.” Our shower stall walls are patterned to look like marble. Some time ago I saw a face in the random marks, then another, then dozens.

In two days, we’re having the bath redone as a walk-in shower and those panels are going to go. So, I’ve been photographing them in order to capture all those wonderful faces and creatures and such before they are gone.

Couldn’t quite get the lighting right, but last night, getting up to use the facility at 1:00 am, everything looked just right with the bathroom light. Apparently, trying to do it with daylight coming in the window just wasn’t working, even with supplimental (because of the shadows).

So, there I was in the dead of night, snapping away high res pics of all the key panels and close shots of some of the more wonderful images hiding in them.

Which means that today, instead of having to spend it all trying to capture the walls before they are torn down tomorrow, I can write this instead, with an eye toward the book..

Here’s a sample pic from what I’m planning on…