What I Know About Narrative | Part 1

Here’s the opening salvo in a new book I’m writing called What I Know About Narrative.


For almost thirty years I’ve wanted to write the definitive book on narrative. This isn’t it.

Though I co-created the Dramatica Theory of Story with my partner Chris Huntley, which was hailed as rather revolutionary (and I don’t mind saying so myself), after that herculean three-year effort concluding in a text-book style documentation of the theory and interactive software that employs the theory to predict perfect structure, I have become so burned out on single-purpose processes that I no longer have the discipline to do a proper job of it.

Still, I am in possession of Great Secrets of Narrative – what it is, where it came from, how it works, and how to use it both in the creation and analysis of fiction, and also as applied to personal interactions and social movements in the real world, from whence it originated.

Therefore, I have abandoned my previous desire to carve a little niche in history with some dry technical tome, and you are stuck with this instead.  Good luck.

NOTE: New sections of this book will be posted here as I write them. You can browse all of my fiction and nonfiction works on my author page on Amazon.