The Secret of Great Stories

Back in the day, in the early 1990s, we had a team of interns working for us while Dramatica and its supporting materials were being developed.  One of those interns, Mark Haslett, was also quite an artist, and was given the task of creating a graphic novel style comic book that explained Dramatica’s key features and value in an easy-to-access conversational way.  This is the result.

There’s a link to a PDF of the complete comic book below this post.  It’s a pretty amazing creation, though I’m not sure it really ever did Dramatica much good, as the who concept is so complex that only a handful of people get into it that deeply.

Still, share it around if you like.  Maybe we were ahead of our time – who knows?  And as for Mark?  He went on to get married, have a great family with several kids, and bought Chris Huntley’s old house.  Career-wise, he worked here and there in the industry, mostly as a writer, but family has always been the center of his life.  Oh, and the writer on the cover of the comic book?  That’s pretty much a self-portrait of Mark as he was at the time.

Here’s a link to the entire comic in PDF:

Click to access dramaticomic.pdf