The Event | Episode 22 – Breaking Down the Doors

The next installment of my science fiction thriller in which a mysterious force sweeps around the globe erasing everything man made.

Episode 22 – Breaking Down the Doors

The world had seen enough.  Before the final images faded on the screens, financial markets across the globe crashed to their daily stop levels within minutes and closed, never to open again.  Those not yet opened never did.  For those few who had already posted orders to sell short, enormous fortunes were made that were worth nothing.

Commodity markets lasted a little longer with heavy trading driving up the prices of non-corruptible goods and food stuffs to previously unimaginable levels until, of course, it was realized that, with few exceptions, there would be no means of fulfilling contracts.

Banks quickly closed their doors as did an exploding number of retail outlets around the world, only to have those doors broken open as the panicked populace desperately sought anything that might help them survive, protect their families, or give them an edge tomorrow on their first day in a new world.

Cities everywhere were in chaos.


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