Narrative |The Story Mind

This is probably the most important video I’ve ever recorded about narrative out of the hundreds I’ve made.  It gets right into the core concept that cracked the narrative code and enabled all the work we did in developing the Dramatica theory of story and the Dramatica software that is based on it.  The notion is “The Story Mind” and the concept is that story’s have a mind of their own, as if they were a super character in which all the other characters act as facets of that larger mind.  That is a very simplistic explanation, of course, but the video goes into depth on why that should be so, how it works, and how it reflects the real world when we come together and form group minds geared toward a common purpose or interest.

For my Patrons:  So far, I’ve only been able to record videos in a little storage room attached to the garage/workshop behind our house.  But, I’m planning on reworking it into a proper little studio.  Your support enables me to buy materials and supplies to make this happen, so thank you all again for enabling more and better videos to come.