Mental Relativity Theory Notes

These are raw, unedited transcriptions of some of the tapes I recorded to document the progress of my work in continuing to expand the Mental Relativity theory of narrative psychology originally developed by myself and my friend and partner, Chris Huntley.

There are many more tapes and many more transcripts – dozens of hours – but as they were recorded and transcribed a quarter of a century ago, they are scattered in many places.  So, for the sake of creating a permanent record of them lest they become lost forever, I’ll publish each collection as I find them.

Alas, there are misinterpreted words, misplaced punctuation and so on, but I feel it is more important to protect the information than to spend any time at this juncture trying to edit the material.  Still, the transcription was a horrible task to give someone and she did a magnificent job under the circumstances back in the day, which is why we have them at all.

Here, then, is this group of transcripts for the record in PDF format:

Click to Download PDF