Jefferson Park, Oregon (session)

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Back in 2015 we were living in Salem, Oregon. I was flying down regularly back to southern California to work on projects for the United States intelligence agencies in counter-terrorism, based on our theories of narrative psychology that grew out of our Dramatica theory of narrative structure.

This strip had to be sandwiched in between two trips down, so we only had three days before I had to be on the plane again: one day to hike in, one day to explore, one day to hike out.

Shortly after this, we decided to move down to California again since there were far too many trips to be economical, and logistically it was extremely tiring. We ended up living in Pine Mountain Club again, then Big Bear, and then back down to Burbank where we remain to this day, four yeas later, yearning to return to the mountains or back to Oregon or somewhere else that is closer to nature than the San Fernando Valley.

It’s been great to spend time here with my kids and grandkids, and Mary was nice enough to take us in when all our government contracts ended at the same time, leaving us without the funds to return or even to pay out bills.

But Teresa has paid our rent here by improving the property with her carpentry and construction skills, while I have pulled us up out of the financial maelstrom once again to solvency.

Regarding the picture in this session, Jefferson Park and Mount Jefferson itself are absolutely stunning, especially late in the Summer which is the middle of Spring at that altitude.

I’ll post a few of the best of these photographs as individuals to highlight the amazing scenery, but here in this session gallery you can see all the photographs from this session.