Hiking to Jefferson Park

This little clip is from about 12 years ago when we hiked into Jefferson Park, Oregon and spent a few days.  It turned out to be an absolutely spectacular place, down by the lake.  

We were in a bit of a rush though.  At that time, we were just starting up the Thoughtform project, using Dramatica for the CIA, NSA, and NRO to analyze the complex narrative motivations of terror groups and unfriendly nations and to project how those narrative might lead them to respond in various what-if scenarios.

Interesting work that I hope saved lives and supported peace.  Still working on such projects on the side this very day, though I’m official retired and more interested in pursuing my art, documenting the Dramatica theory, and enjoying my family.

But in regard to this hiking trip, we were living in Salem, Oregon at the time and I had just returned by plane from Los Angeles where we were developing the Thoughtform project. Day after I got back, we were on this trail.  Got to spend just two nights there, then had to hike out and fly back to L.A.

I might not have made the trip under those circumstances, but I had promised it to Teresa before the project had really taken off, and I knew she was looking forward to it so much.  But in the end, I’m so very glad we sandwiched it in, for it covered some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever encountered outside of Yosemite.

You’ll see some nice pictures of all that down the line, but for now, this grueling moment on the trek in.