Free Download – The Dramatica Theory Book

Though most if not all of my patrons have already read the book in one form or another, I’m making this post available to the public to make sure that base is covered, and also to perhaps draw in some new folks to join the discourse.

For those who don’t know, Dramatica is a new theory of story developed by my partner Chris Huntley and myself back in the early 1990s.  It proposes that the structure of a story is as if the story itself is a kind of super character in which all the other characters are facets of that larger mind – a Story Mind.

It is employed by hundreds of thousands of writers around the world including bestselling authors, Academy Award winners, and at least one Pulitzer Prize winner I know of.

We’ve also used it for our intelligence agencies to analyze the narrative intent of terrorist and project their likely future actions and response to various what-if scenarios.  More on that in posts to come.

Read all about it here in the free PDF eBook download below:

Download the Dramatica Theory Book