Bathroom Mop Is Not Amused

Here’s the story behind the photo… I’m big on pareidolia – seeing faces in everyday objects.  And as a photographer, I like to document them when they pop up.  In this case, I was twisting the mop using it’s mechanism for wringing it out.  When I checked it to see if it was dry enough, I saw the face, and considering I was mopping the bathroom floor at the time, its expression seemed quite appropriate.  So, I set the mop in front of the camera at the best angle to make the face predominant and then framed to include the cat litter box in the background, providing motivation for the mop’s mood.  I shot about 8 or 9 slight variations of angle until I captured the most potent one on the very last framing, which isn’t always the case.  Sometimes the first shot in a series is the best because it possesses the strongest energy when the idea is fresh.  In the end, its just another face in the wall. 🙂