Home Movies

Here are links to almost 70 years of home movies I’ve posted on YouTube.

The 1950s

Beginning in 1956 when I was 3 years old when my grandfather bought an 8mm camera for a trip from Los Angeles back to his old stomping grounds in Chicago. He was already a hugely prolific still photographer and now took hours of home movies.

The 1970s

My teenage years up through getting married and having my first child, and working in the movie industry.

The 2000s

Teresa and I moved in together in 1999 and during the 2000s we lived largely in the mountains and later in Salem, Oregon and visited many places and had many adventures.

The 2010s

More adventures, mostly in the mountains where we once again lived.

The 2020s

The pandemic years, and also our ten-year financial fall from grace. Don’t worry, we’re all better now!