Family Stories

Stories are what define us and bind us together. I’ve spent a career at a narrative theorist and teacher of story structure. But now that I’ve hit 70, I realize I’m the sole possessor of so many stories about my parents, grandparents, and my early years and those of my children, that when I’m gone, those stories will vanish with me. And so, I’m on a gentle mission to preserve our family history, one story at a time.

Some of these stories are best told on video, others in text, and many as commentary on pictures or family album photographs. This main page links to all of those, some on YouTube, some in books I’ve published on Amazon, and others in just a random order in several categories here on this blog.

Please explore, share our stories, and perhaps become inspired to preserve some of your own.

Stories on Video

Short commentaries about mementos, heirlooms, and items from the past.

Stories in Text

Sometimes with pictures, sometimes with only the memories put down in words, first or second hand from those who are no longer here to tell them.

Our Family Album

Photos with descriptions, long and short, so those times and those special spirits won’t fade away.

Home Movies

Memories as they were made, memories in motion, dating back to 1956.