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Our family shenanigans in film and video dating from present back to the 1950s

Amtrak Arrives in Salem, Oregon

A few times I took the train down from Salem to visit family near Los Angeles. Here’s the train I was about to take arriving a the Station.

Visit my YouTube channel to see several videos of the trip as the train winds its way along the coast.

A Pond in Salem, Oregon

This pond is in Minto-Brown Island Park. When we lived in Salem we often took the various trails and walking paths, each of which led to a different kind of environment including this one.

I look several videos of this gorgeous area but include here only this one as it is exemplary of the experience. If you want to see the others, just visit my YouTube channel.

Bob’s Red Mill

Here are some videos from one of our expeditions to Bob’s Red Mill which is an amazing place to buy any kind of grain or flour plus baked goods and a killer restaurant. It is near Oregon City, just a short drive from Salem where we lived for five years ending about ten years ago.

The owner and founder (Bob) retired from his business career at 65 and then started the mill as his post-retirement dream. Turned into a nationally famous producer of grains, flours, and mixes (bread, cake and such) that distributes across the country.

He was often there and became something of a celebrity with folks hoping to catch a “Bob sighting.” When it was time to retire from that too, he gave the mill, the store, and the distribution network to his employees to own jointly as a group. What a guy!

When we lived in Salem, we would often take trips out to Bob’s for lunch and to resupply with the grain products we needed at home. Here are a few home movies from one of those trips.