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John Muir Trail 2003 & 2004 – Photo Dump

Some of the photographs from the 2003 hike Teresa and I took that touched on a part of the John Muir Trail and the 2004 hike we took with our friend Bob Miller from Tuolumne Meadows up and over Donahue Pass through the Ansel Adams Wilderness to Red’s Meadow.

These are all mixed up as they got dumped into the same folder for photo adjustments. Later, I’ll come across the separate photo streams from each of these expeditions, but for now I’ll just put these out for display as is.

End of the Trail

After crossing over the Donahue Pass at 11,000 feet and leaving Yosemite behind, the John Muir Trail winds down into the Ansel Adams Wilderness. At this point, you see your next destination ahead: the entire Ritter Range towering over Island Pass and Thousand Island Lake yet to be revealed.

There is a sense that you have crossed over into a new realm – almost a spiritual sea change from the stark granite rocks of Yosemite through the verdant moraine valley and into the towering snow-covered spires.