Four Useful Plot Points

From our StoryWeaver Software:

Plot Points

There is a multitude of plot points, but among these, four are the most visible:

1. Goal

2. Personal Goals

3. Requirements

4. Consequences


The Goal is what the Protagonist is trying to achieve and what the Antagonist is trying to stop or prevent.  All the other central characters of your story side with one or the other in varying degrees of motivation.


What motivates the characters to try and achieve or prevent the goal is each character’s own Personal Goal.  Each character sees the story Goal as a means to an end, as something that will enable them to achieve their Personal Goal.  Therefore, the Goal becomes a quest, driven by their own wants & needs.


Every Goal has Requirements.  These can be feats that must be performed, items that must be obtained, or conditions that must be met.  The list of Requirements provides the audience with a means of knowing how far the quest has progressed, and also provides a sense of how far the story can range.


What happens if the Goal is not achieved?  The Consequences add tension and importance to the Goal.  The Consequences may occur if the Goal is not achieved, or may already be in effect but will remain unless the Goal is met and ends them.

In the following screens, Storyweaver will help you define and refine your story’s Goal, determine each character’s motivating Personal Goal, the Requirements need to achieve the Goal, and the Consequences that will be suffered if the Goal is not achieved.

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