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A Novelist’s

Bag of Tricks!

A Screenwriter’s

Bag of Tricks!

Creating Characters

from Plot

How to Create
Great Characters

Your Plot
Step by Step

Character Arc 101

How to Beat
Writer’s Block

Introducing Characters

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Heroes & Villains

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Four Essential
Plot Points

12 Essential Questions
Writers Should Answer

What is

Story Structure?

Plot vs. Exposition

Be a Story Weaver

NOT a Story Mechanic


Development Tricks!

“Hero” is a
Four Letter Word

Conflict can limit

Your Characters

Creating Characters
From Scratch

Avoiding the

Genre Trap

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Creating Characters from Plot

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Your Plot Step By Step

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“Ability” and Story Structure

Using Dramatica for Interactive Fiction

Dramatica: Inside the Clockwork

How to Beat Writer’s Block

“Hero” is a Four Letter word

A Few Words About Theme

Character Arc 101

How To Create Great Characters!

Be A Story Weaver - NOT a Story Mechanic!

A Novelist's Bag of Tricks

Introducing Characters - First Impressions

12 Essential Questions Every Writer Should Answer

Character Development Tricks!

What is Story Structure?

Conflict Can Limit Your Characters

Love Interests and the Dramatic Triangle

How to Write Villains

Tricking the Muse: The Creativity Two-Step

Writing from a Character's Point of View

Psychoanalyze Your Story

A Lecture on Narrative Psychology

When Narratives Collide

Overcoming Habits

The “Influence Character” in a Nut Shell