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Write Your Novel

Step by Step

50 Sure-Fire
Storytelling Tricks

A Few Words

About Theme

10 Essential Tips for Beginning Writers

A Novelist’s

Bag of Tricks!

A Screenwriter’s

Bag of Tricks!

How to Create
Great Characters

Your Plot
Step by Step

Character Arc 101

How to Beat
Writer’s Block

Introducing Characters

(first impressions)

Heroes & Villains

Protagonist &


Four Essential
Plot Points

12 Essential Questions
Writers Should Answer

What is

Story Structure?

Plot vs. Exposition

Dramatica Theory Book

Creating Characters

from Plot

Be a Story Weaver

NOT a Story Mechanic


Development Tricks!

“Here” is a
Four Letter Word

Conflict can limit

Your Characters

Creating Characters
From Scratch

Avoiding the

Genre Trap

Go from concept to completion with this interactive story development software!.

Index Cards

Click and drag to create timelines and organize your story materials.


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Idea Spinner sidesteps creative block and quickly creates an extensive idea web from you initial concept.

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Free Episodes

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The Story in Our Minds

Protagonist and Antagonist Archetypes


Writing with Theme

Story Encoding

Static and Progressive Plot Points

Story Weaving

Writing with Genre

Writing for Disposable Tribes