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of Story


This three-hour 43 part audio program is presented by Dramatica Theory co-creators Melanie Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley in their only published story structure seminar as co-instructors.

Volume One outlines a whole new paradigm of story structure.

Volume Two reveals the true structure and purpose of characters.

Volume Three provides a step by step approach to plot.

A free 43 part course in streaming audio Secrets of Story Structure Audio Program Secrets of Story Structure Audio Program A free 4 hour program in streaming video

This 4-hour 100 part video program is presented by Dramatica Theory co-creator Melanie Anne Phillips, and is designed to describe every key feature in Dramatica Pro and how to use it.

You’ll begin with an overview of the main areas of the software, then explore each in depth.  The program concludes with an extensive series of tips for using Dramatica creatively in the story development process.

Dramatica Software Companion Dramatica Pro Software Companion Writing Tips Presented in Streaming Video

Melanie Anne Phillips, creator of StoryWeaver and co-creator of Dramatica provides a series of insightful lectures on topics such as methods for finding inspiration, techniques for story development and insights in the structure of characters, plot, theme and genre.

Presented in streaming video Tips for Story Structure & Storytelling A 113 part program in streaming video

This 12-hour 113 part video program is presented by Dramatica Theory co-creator Melanie Anne Phillips, and covers all key aspects of the Dramatica theory of story.

It is our most complete course in story structure and covers characters, plot, theme, genre, story forming, story encoding, story weaving and reception.

Dramatica Unplugged 12 Hour Story Structure Seminar A free story development program in streaming video

This story development video program presented by Dramatica Theory co-creator Melanie Anne Phillips, is comprised of two parts: The Elements of Structure and The Art of Storytelling.

In the first part, a high level view of structure is then taken down to the details of all key structural componenents and how they go together.  In the second part, technniques are described for building your story’s world, who’s in it, what happens to them and what it all means.

StoryWeaving Seminar in Streaming Video Two-Day Storyweaving Seminar



12 Hour Story Structure Seminar

Introducing the Story Mind

Secrets of Story Structure

Introduction to Story Structure

Creating Writing Tips

Character Development Tricks!

Storyweaving Seminar

Welcome & Seminar Outline

Dramatica Software Companion

Overview of the Story Guide