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The 12 Essential Questions
Every Writer Should Answer

By Melanie Anne Phillips

Each of these questions determines the nature and impact of a key force that will shape your story.  If you can answer all twelve, you will have laid all the necessary structural foundations on which to build your novel, screenplay or stage play.

1.  Main Character "Resolve" - Change or Steadfast?


2.  Main Character "Growth" - Start or Stop?


3.  Main Character "Approach" - Do-er or Be-er?

4.  Main Character "Style" - Logic or Intuition?


5.  Story "Limit" - Time Lock or Option Lock?


6.  Story "Driver" - Action or Decision?


7.  Story "Outcome" - Success or Failure?


8.  Story "Judgment" - Good or Bad?


9.  Overall Story Throughline?


10.  Overall Story Concern?


11.  Overall Story Issue?


12.  Overall Story Problem?