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In this issue: A Screenwriter’s Bag of Tricks with story development tips, tricks and techniques for screenwriters, novice and expert alike, and Blowing the Story Bubble - a new storytelling approach based on bubble science!


In this issue: Writing From The Passionate Self, Write Your Novel Step By Step (Step 8), Designing Your Plot: Multi-Appreciation Moments, Your Story as a Person, The Measure of a Hero (part one) and Story Structure vs. Storytelling.


In this issue, we are pleased to announce the publication of Write Your Novel Step By Step both in paperback and for Kindle.  In addition, we offer part 7 in the series Write Your Novel Step by Step as our weekly installment, plus: A Few Words About Communication, Inspiration for Writers, Flash Backs and Flash Forwards, Don't Try to Be Shakespeare, The Villain Breaks Out! and Audience Reach.


In this issue, a new home page for our series Write Your Novel Step by Step, Dramatica on sale for $99.95, four new booklets on writing in Kindle format from Storymind Press, Sure-Fire StorytellingTip #7, and a video on Dramatica and Short Stories.


In this issue, we present the next in the series Write Your Novel Step by Step, plus a tip for Throughline Interactive Index Cards, Sure-Fire Storytelling Trick #6, and a video about: The Dramatica Chart.


In this issue, we present the next in the series Write Your Novel Step by Step, plus articles on The Dramatica Model, Redistributing the Hero, How your story can benefit from Changing Impact, Video: A Story is an Argument, Dramatica Trivia and Shining (an original song).


In this issue, we present the next in the series Write Your Novel Step by Step, plus articles on Narrative Particles and Waves, The Hero Breaks Down, How to use Message Reversals, Video: A Tale is a Statement, Dramatica Trivia and an original art photograph.


The Narrative Circuit, Introduction to Heroes, How to use Meaning Reversals, Story Structure for Passionate Writers, Video: Introducing the Story Mind, Dramatica Trivia


In this issue I offer another installment in my 200 part series, Write Your Novel Step by Step, introduce my new book, Narrative Dynamics, and continue my serialization of sure-fire storytelling tricks and techniques for storyweaving. - Melanie Anne Phillips, Editor


In this issue, Write Your Novel Step by Step (Step 1), Sure-Fire Storytelling Trick #1, Be a StoryWeaver - NOT a Story Mechanic! (First chapter).


In this issue, The Cosmic Flea (a book of original  poems), New book: Dramatica: Inside the Clockwork (first chapter free), Tarnished Karma (first album), 50 Sure-Fire Storytelling Tricks now in paperback!


Here are a number of techniques to help you escape from the creative doldrums. Some are general approaches to finding inspiration or boosting creativity. Others are specific methods that can be applied to particular obstacles. Collectively, they pretty much cover the spectrum of productive difficulties when the Muse becomes mired.


Before the final version of “Dramatica – a New Theory of Story” there was an earlier draft that contained unfinished concepts and additional theory that was ultimately deemed “too complex”. As a result, this material was never fully developed, was cut from the final version of the book, and has never seen the light of day — until now! Recently, a copy of this early draft surfaced in the theory archives.


Heroes and Villains are stereotypes, not archetypes.  As such, they are comprised of a number of different attributes which can be reassembled in different ways to create far more interesting and original leading characters.


Ranging for quick tips that you can use  as specific tools to fully developed techniques that will improve your style, this book will help you add depth, shading and interest to your story.


New book - “A Few Words About Theme.”  Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve written thousands of articles on story structure and storytelling. Here, I’ve gathered together a few of the best on the topic of theme. I hope you find them illuminating in concept and practical in application.

Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips - Owner,, Creator Storyweaver, Co-creator Dramatica