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Hi, I’m Melanie Anne Phillips, co-presenter of this course (along with Chris Huntley).  Together, we created the Dramatica Theory of Story upon which this program is based.

We also developed a software product for writers, also called Dramatica (as described below), with the world’s only patented interactive Story Engine that analyzes your story’s structure to find holes and inconsistencies.  It even makes suggestions on how to fill and fix them.

Later, I created StoryWeaver to help writers with inspiration and story development through a step by step process that will take you from concept to completion of a finished full-length treatment.

I hope you enjoy this program and the other free classes and articles here on Storymind.com, and wish you best success in your writing endeavors.

StoryWeaver guides you step by step through the story development process from concept to completion of a finished treatment.  You’ll go through four stages from Inspiration into Development, Exposition and Storytelling.

Dramatica helps you build and/or analyze the structure of your story’s underlying dramatics.  It is world’s only software with a patented interactive Story Engine that will find holes and inconsistencies in your structure and even make suggestions on how to fill and fix them!

  $99.95                      $29.95

Try either or both risk free for 90 days with our No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee Try Dramatica and/or StoryWeaver Risk Free… Dramatica Story Development Software StoryWeaver Story Development Software

How They Work Alone

By itself Dramatica appeals to structural writers who like to work out all the details of their stories logically before they write a word.

By itself, StoryWeaver appeals to intuitive writers who like to follow their Muse and develop their stories as they go.

How They Work Together

The finished work of a structural writer can often lack passion, which is where StoryWeaver can help. And the finished work of an intuitive writer can often lack direction, which is where Dramatica can help.

So, while each kind of writer will find one program or the other the most initially appealing, both kinds of writers can benefit from both programs.

StoryWeaver Details & Demo

Dramatica Details & Demo

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Volume Three, Part 4 - Levels of Justification

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Levels of Justification

The process of forming justifications from motivations passes through several stages.  For Main Characters to reach a point of change, each of these stages must be dismantled.