All You Love is Need

by Melanie Anne Phillips

from the "Tarnished Karma" album
Music and lyrics by Melanie Anne Phillips
Vocals by David Michael Phillips

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When it gives, can we take it?
When it takes, can we pay?
When it's here, we ignore it,
but adore it,
when it's gone away.

There are some who refuse it.
There are some who can't say.
There are some who abuse it,
and they use it,
all night and all day.

Some will try to deny it.
Some will try to delay.
Some will swear they will die for it,
but they try for it,
in the wrong way.

Now I'll give you no reason.
And I'll give you no rhyme.
But to all is a season,
and you'll reason
the season
in time.


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