Music by Melanie Anne Phillips &
Tarnished Karma

Tarnished Karma 1



Track Titles

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1. Empty Vee (MTV) Play Sample
2. Straight As An Arrow Play Sample
3. The Family Jail Play Sample
4. Morning Gold Play Sample
5. Guyana Dreamin' Play Sample
6. All You Love Is Need Play Sample
7. Rose's House Play Sample
8. The Company Song Play Sample
9. I Have Seen The Future  
10. Shining  
11. Saturday Morning  
12. On The Streets Play Sample
13. Only Ashes  
14. Voices In The Wind  
15. Almost Home Play Sample
16. 1882  
17. Temple of the Lost  
18. Harmony Blue  
19. Maynard G. Krebbs  
20. Galactic Carrousel Play Sample
21. Anticipation Play Sample
22. The Hermit  





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