The Secrets of Story Structure program was recorded during a live seminar presented by co-creators of the Dramatica theory of story, Melanie Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley.

The seminar delves into the dramatic underpinnings of narrative structure and how to apply it to strengthen the impact of your novel or screenplay.

The concepts covered were incorporated into Dramatica software with the world’s only patented interactive Story Engine that cross-references your dramatic choices for your story to find holes and inconsistencies and suggest how to fix them.

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From the founder of Storymind

Man Made follows a mysterious force as it sweeps around the globe erasing anything man made - from buildings, vehicles, and technology to medicines, clothing, and dental work.

Governments stagger under the panic, religions are at a loss for an explanation, scientists strive for any means to stop or divert the phenomenon, and the world’s population from families to individuals struggle to prepare for The Event, which will drive humanity back beyond the stone age.

The Event is coming.

Are you prepared?

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Volume Three, Part 12 - The Elements of a Scene

Secrets of Story Structure Audio Program

The Elements of a Scene

We all have a feeling for a scene - a complete dramatic until with its own beginning, middle and end.  But what are the elements that make up that progression, and how can we be sure we have included them all?