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~ Step 84 ~

Genre Atmosphere

The old saying that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts is particularly apt when considering Genre.

For example, the purpose of a Horror story is not to "hit the marks" by including all the proper elements of a Horror story, but to actually create a sense of horror in the reader.

Step back from your story from a moment.  Consider the way you want your readers to feel about it when the story is over. Then, look back over your list of genre elements and begin to think of them as parts of a mosaic that will ultimately become a single emotional picture of your story.

Create groups of elements that you think fit particularly well together to create a greater impact than they do individually.

Now, write a description for each of your genre element groups in such a way that it specifies the collective impact of the group on your readers and how the elements in each group will all work together to create a greater experience.