Mindi In Her Crib

Mindi In Her Crib At Mariposa Street

Mindi in her crib. Hand-me-down crib from Keith. I think a family member bought this when Keith was born, but not sure if they did or we did? Anyone remember? Anyway, this was at our first rented house in Burbank. Happy kid she was! Still is, even in the face of everything and whatever, still that positive outlook and cheery energy.

Teresa at Jenkinson Lake

Teresa at Jenkinson Lake

Over the years, Teresa and I have lived in a number of places.  For one year, we rented a home in Pollock Pines, just up the road from Placerville in the heart of California’s historic mining region in the Sierra, not more then ten mile from where gold was first discovered at Sutter’s Mill.

About one mile from our home is Sly Park – a camping area – and in the heart of it is Jenkinson Lake, which is a good sized body of water surrounded by dense forest on all sides.

After having become familiar with the path that circumferenced the lake, we spent many happy hours exploring the deep woods off trail, in this case following a cascading stream through the lush green vegetation the grew up all along it.

Mom, Dad, and Me

Mom, Dad and Me

This is my favorite picture of the three of us, taken either just before or just after my parents divorced.  From the walls and woodwork, I believe this may be the bungalow my parents lived in before my mom and I moved in with my grandparents until she remarried when I was seven.