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The Artist Perplexed

Yep.  That’s me.  Trying to come up with a frigging idea…  Here you’ll find the results of the ideas I eventually did come up with.

Even if you are not a Patron of mine on Patreon you’ll find new articles here every week including serializations and excerpts from my writings, streaming audio versions of my music including outtakes and alternate versions, a variety of photographs including different compositions from the same sessions, and links to the best videos and articles on Dramatica I’ve published over the years.

My Patrons (sign up here for just $1 per month) see everything I post plus they receive frequent digital downloads of my most popular complete eBooks, songs, and art photographs (in full-resolution). For fans of my Dramatica theory of story structure there are downloads, all-new articles and videos about aspects of the theory never before published, and behind-the-scenes stories about how the theory was developed and what lies ahead.

In addition, they get regular posts about all my ongoing projects PLUS exclusive commentary about how previously published works were created including books, music, videos, photographs and more, providing detail into the thought processes behind them. They also get a first look at new completed projects before they are made available to the public and advance notice of new projects in the works.

AND, Patrons can message me directly through Patreon to let me know what you’d like to see more of or ask a few questions.

Either way – through free browsing here or by supporting this poor artist as a Patron – I hope you find my efforts are as interesting and illuminating to you a they are to make.