Too Old to Die Young"

(Lyrics from the song, "Too Old to Die Young")

by Melanie Anne Phillips

When I was young I made me some dreams,
so the praise of my days would be sung.
I got stuck in a web of impossible schemes,
and now I'm too old to die young.

I made such great plans but they turned out a mess,
and the cheats and the thieves should be hung.
I used to wear pants and now I wear a dress,
yet I'm still much too old to die young.

Work for the future, Ignore what you've lost
Pretend that the end J's the means.
Keep paying the price, no matter the cost,
And don't see the film for the scenes.

I tried to succeed, but the seed it just sucked,
though the compost was heavy with dung.
Like the Ancients, my patience, it just got me fucked,
and now I'm too old to die young.

With all of the places I didn't quite go,
and the things that I've never begun,
I've worked like the devil with nothing to show,
But I'm still much to old to die young.

Now is there a moral? Why don't YOU tell ME?
But I'm still going to go for the gold.
And as long as I'm kicking,my thoughts will stay free,
And I'll be much too young
to die old.

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