Tarnished Karma

by Melanie Anne Phillips

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In the 60's all was cool,
everyone trying to be free,
but I was still in High School,
somehow it all passed by me.

Activism everywhere,
at Kent State they all hit the ground
cries of America in despair,
but still I did not hear a sound.

I was just too young to know,
straight as an arrow I fly.
I was just too young to go,
I never did not put in my time.

People were starving in the street,
as early as '75,
but I chose to be discreet,
someone would keep them alive.

I was just too rich to know,
straight as an arrow I fly.
I was just to rich to go,
I still did not put in my time.

People are homeless, so they say,
and third world babies are dying,
but I have had practice staying away,
and do so without even trying.

Now some give money and some give time,
and some shine a light in the dark,
and for every tear dried on this painful climb,
each one of us leaves our mark.

But I am just too old to know,
straight as an arrow I fly,
and all of the things I leave behind,
will vanish the day that I die.

From the album,
"Dichotomy: Tarnished Karma"

- Melanie Anne Phillips

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