Free Fall

Five untitled poems
written at thirty thousand feet

by Melanie Anne Phillips


Untitled #1

Rows on rows,
like stacked sardines,
their easy chairs propel
them 'cross the heavens


Untitled #2

Running down the aisle,
the small boy
to smile at a cloud


Untitled #3

The movie ends,
the watchers rise,
walking backward
in the skies.


Untitled #4

The pig on my plate,
in the form of ham,
in the skies over Texas,
slides down my gullet,
an aerial fate,
as I ponder
that pigs CAN fly.


Untitled #5

Waves of air report against
the fragile silver shore,

Waves of grass remain embedded,
moving while they stay,

Riding high above the land,
yet standing on the floor,

Tricking time and bringing near,
the closing of the day

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