Time Flies

Time flies. Definition: Tiny bugs that inhabit temporal wormholes. They bite. You can swat them, but you might knock yourself clear into another era.

The Laws of Nature

The laws of nature and the laws of man seldom coincide. Example: If the congress passed the Law of Gravity and then rescinded it, would we not all float?


Intended as an experiment, in this very subtle slowly building piece, instruments are gently and gradually added to the repetitive theme.  Each iteration almost imperceptibly deepens the richness and complexity.  It may sound like an exercise in competitive redundancy but if you compare the last bars to the first, there is quite a difference that snuck in under the radar. From the 1980s

Where we hiked in 2019

Near Our Camp Site Along The John Muir Trail

Along our circular hike from Red’s Meadow through Devil’s Post Pile, Gladys Lake, Rosalie Lake, Shadow Lake, Agnew Meadow, then catching the bus through Red’s Meadow back to Mammoth Mountain Inn and then home.