Immigrant or Emigrant?

Emigrant – a person who goes to live in another country.

Immigrant – a person who comes to live in another country.

We like emigrants (the pilgrims were emigrants) – they had what it takes to leave their homes, friends, relatives and seek a better life in America.

We don’t like immigrants (illegals are immigrants) – they had what it takes to leave their homes, friends, relatives and seek a better life in America.


Jaws of Winter

“Jaws of Winter” ~ Pine Mountain Club, California

Like sharp teeth closing on the season, icicles close in around our mountain cabin after a storm.

Nature’s Crucible

“Nature’s Crucible” ~ Rogue River, Oregon

Found these natural bowls carved into the stone by pebbles along the shore of the Rogue River in Oregon.

Lonely Road

“Lonely Road” ~ Taken in California’s Central ValleySome years ago, we lived in the Sierras, just ten miles from where gold was first discovered in California at Sutter’s Mill.  With family down in southern California, about 6 or 7 hours away, we often made the long drive through the San Joaquin Valley, most of which looks and feels like the Great Plains.

This shot was taken over the dashboard through the windshield and designed to capture the feeling of the endless miles over flat ground with only the occasional lone tree for company.

Not Quite

“Not Quite”

I wrote this piece while my daughter’s father-in-law was on the verge of succumbing to a six month battle with a particularly virulent cancer.  He was a kind and gentle man, always in good cheer, inclusive, and engaging.  His troubles began when he was putting on his sock one day and his leg broke from the pressure.  Turns out it was a tumor just below the knee.  The first operation scooped it out, but didn’t get it all.  A second operation attempted to stop internal bleeding at the site.  A third operation took his leg at the hip because the cancer in it had become too painful to bear.  A month later, it had spread throughout his system.  He went into hospice treatment at home, fell into fearful delirium for a couple of weeks and died last night, the day after I wrote this song.  While I didn’t specifically create it for or about him, I know he was in my mind when I wrote it, and so I dedicate this one to him.