A Science Joke…

Just heard a guy on a TV science show say “There’s a joke in biology – If you ask 200 scientists to define life, you’ll get 200 different answers.” That’s not a joke. It is a straight line for a joke.

To illustrate:

“If you ask 200 scientists to define life, you’ll get 200 different answers. But if you ask life to define scientists, you get only one.”

Because there’s only one Scientific Method that defines a scientist. Which is funny. Seriously.


From 2014:

Teresa just uttered another one of her insightful phrases (just like Ringo Starr off-handedly said “It’s been a hard day’s night.”) Here’s her phrase of the day: “Addicted to a certain kind of sadness” – could be a song or even an album or movie title.

Give ‘Til It Stops Hurting

We put two things into the world – direct impact and influence. When we give until it hurts, we damage our influence for we now hurt, and our influence with those around us suffers. Giving should only be done while it remains a joy, and we should feel no guilt for NOT giving even if we are happy and blessed while others suffer. We cannot save the whole world, and attempting to do so hurts all those we encounter around us in our daily lives because of the negative energy we now carry – they pay that forward and our local influence grows trading a problem afar for a problem in our own back yard. Balance your joy of giving with your joy of having to maximize your personal happiness through personal pleasure in combination with the pleasure of sharing with others. No more guilt for you; no more pain for them: be happy.

Mission Creep

I’ve been thinking way too fast and clearly after three nights of absinthe to cure the runs. I don’t dare take any more tonight or I might try to re-purpose God. Oh, wait, didn’t that kind of talk get the Beatles in trouble?


From a script I wrote in my teens… “At the end of the hall was a huge hole in the floor, and out of it came planes, tanks, and weapons of all sorts. “We call it Andy,” said the curator. “Why is that?” I asked. “Because it’s a War Hole,” he replied.

Evil Kitties

Teresa: If I touch the kitty and she meows, it proves she’s evil.

Me: And if you touch her and she doesn’t meow, it proves she’s evil and has a lot of self control.