Lonely Road

“Lonely Road” ~ Taken in California’s Central ValleySome years ago, we lived in the Sierras, just ten miles from where gold was first discovered in California at Sutter’s Mill.  With family down in southern California, about 6 or 7 hours away, we often made the long drive through the San Joaquin Valley, most of which looks and feels like the Great Plains.

This shot was taken over the dashboard through the windshield and designed to capture the feeling of the endless miles over flat ground with only the occasional lone tree for company.

The Minarets – Ansel Adams Wilderness

I took this shot while section-hiking on the John Muir Trail out of Yosemite into the Ansel Adams Wilderness.  This is the view you get when coming over Donahue Pass at about 11,000 feet, and then winding down into the glacial moraine on the other side.

This particular day was filled with spectacular clouds and, as luck would have it, just as this landscape came into view, the shadow of a cloud passed over the minarets (the sharp pointy peaks in the background toward the right) throwing them into silhouette against the dynamic sky.  Snapped it, got it.