Our 2006 Section Hike on the John Muir Trail

This was our second backpacking trip in the area around Yosemite – this time with our dear departed traveling companion, Bob Miller. I took the pictures (except for those that have me in them!) and used some of my own musical compositions for the soundtrack.

Four shots taken near our camp site (2019)

Teresa enjoys a quiet moment in a meadow just a few feet form our tent.
An erratic boulder in the moraine near our camp site
The next peak is visible in the background near the center – no civilization within eye-shot
Untouched by man – this is why we hike

Cliff’s Wilderness Quiche

The Mad Chef checks on the progress of his creation…
Cliff’s Wilderness Quiche, ready to eat. Note the close shot below with the deer fly baked right in. (The gracious chef took that slice for himself – extra protein). Review? It was absolutely delicious – seasoned crust, flour, eggs, cheese, pepperoni and spices. Something you aren’t supposed to make in the back country.