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The Storymind Writer’s Library is a free service from Storymind.com, creators of tools and informational products for writers since 1997.  Here we have gathered hundreds of our best articles, streaming videos, and downloads, organized in the following categories:

Creative Writing

Our creative writing category focuses on techniques for finding inspiration, overcoming writer’s block, generating story ideas, and maximizing your enjoyment and productivity while writing.


Story Development

Our story development category helps you build your story’s world, who’s in it, what happens to them, and what it all means.  You’ll discover techniques for expanding ideas into fully realized concepts and getting your novel or script written step by step.


Story Structure

Our story structure category explores the dramatic underpinnings that make stories feel complete and true to the human experience.  When done right, structure is invisible, like a carrier wave in radio.  But when off-true, structure will disrupt your message and pull your readers or audience out of the story.

Narrative Science

Our narrative science category moves beyond fiction and delves into the psychology of narrative, how it organizes our thoughts both as individuals and in societal groups.  Here you will discover a model of the DNA of story and how to employ it to create narrative genomes.

New articles are added regularly, so check back often.

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