Free Personalized Story Development Help

Try my story consultation service for free!

Email me a one-page synopsis of your story as it stands and I’ll send back some ideas for improvement – no charge.  Then, if you wish to continue, you can order consulting time as needed.

As creator of StoryWeaver and Co-creator of Dramatica, I’ve helped thousands of writers for more than twenty five years to build their stories, from finding inspiration and developing ideas, to storytelling techniques and finding and refining their story’s unique structure.

I don’t write your story for you, I read what you have written, point out opportunities and wrong turns, and make suggestions for improvement, along with a clear road map to each next step in the  story development process.

Consultation  is by email.  You send your story materials, I review and respond with my comments and outline each next step.  Each hour of consulting time usually results in about six to ten back-and forth sessions and carries your story well into each new phase of development.

By the time your book or screenplay is completed, I guarantee your story will be riveting, your characters compelling and your structure air-tight.

Ready to order some consulting time right now?

Click HERE to order consulting time in one-hour increments. Each hour usually covers six to ten back-and-forth email sessions.  As soon as you order, I’ll contact you by email to discuss your story and to lay out a customized plan to help you develop your ideas into a solidly structured, passionately written novel or screenplay.

So try my free offer – much to gain and little to lose.  In the meantime, my best wishes for the best words in the best order.  And, as always,

May the Muse be with you!



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